When we're navigating or in the InprisWay app, we sometimes want to hear music playing in an external music app (such as Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, etc.).

First, we'll set up a favorite music app by entering to the InprisWay settings, clicking "Applications," clicking on one of the arrows and selecting the preferred app from the list.

To launch your app and hear music, we'll take the following actions:

1. We'll start the Music app by double-clicking the "Heart" button and then selecting the preferred app using the arrows. 

2. Now switch to Universal mode by double-clicking the center button.

3. After we hear the voice signal "Universal," we will activate the music by pressing the center button once.

4. Now you can press the "Heart" button again to switch to Waze or double click to select another application.

Additional Comments:

You can move to the next song by pressing the "right arrow," move to the previous song by pressing "left arrow", and Pause by pressing the center button again.
If no playlist is active, touch the phone to select a playlist, and then continue.

If the music stops, you can press the center button again on the remote control to turn it back on.

If the remote is switched to the "Inpris" mode, double-click the center button, switch back to Universal mode and continue.

You can do all of these even when the Music app is active in the background.